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Every Esse cooker and stove is hand-crafted in Britain with pride, just as they have been for more than 160 years. The Esse brand is steeped in heritage – but time hasn't stood still for this master British manufacturer.

Its range cookers and stoves are constantly developing to meet the changing demands of the home. Today they are designed for modern control and absolute energy efficiency, with a host of eco-friendly specifications.

Wood burning solid fuel range cookers

Esse 990 WN

The 990, like all Esse cookers, combines modern technology with classic quality and flies the flag for technological and environmental developments.

  • The 990 WN is designed for the larger kitchen with three ovens and hotplate
  • Twin catalytic combustors 'reburn' smoke particles which escape resulting in minimum CO emissions of 0.01%. Its efficiency has been independently measured at over 85%
  • Three large capacity ovens (which can all maintain different temperatures for ease of use) offering 112 litre cooking volume
  • Woodburning cooker (multi-fuel conversion available)
  • Hotplate for up to six pans
  • Radiant heat output to room up to 5kW
Esse 990 CH

This Esse model is capable of running several radiators and its impressive thermostatic control means its temperature is automatically maintained.

  • The 990 CH does not require a conversion system to switch between wood or solid fuel
  • Oven capacity top 48ltr, bottom 32ltr
  • Hotplate for up to six pans
  • Radiant heat output to room up to 5k and piping hot water
  • Thermostatically-controlled boiler
Esse 990 Solid Fuel Cooker


Esse 905 WD

The 905 WD is a wood cooker designed for today's kitchen: clean burning and easy to use.

  • Oven capacity top 48 ltr, bottom 32 ltr
  • Hotplate with up to six pans
  • Suitable for continuous burning
  • Radiant heat output to room up to 5kW

Esse's Ironheart, combining the most distinctive features of Esse's cooker and stove ranges offers timeless appeal and is a favourite of TV's River Cottage.

  • The Ironheart has convection panels in the side to radiate warmth like a wood-burning stove
  • large firebox heats the room as well as the oven and hotplate
  • Primary and secondary air controls allow a high level of control
  • Large oven with 47ltr capacity
  • Dogbone hotplate for up to six pans
  • Suitable for continuous operation
  • Heat output to room up to 9.7kW
Esse Plus 1

Considering a wood-burning cooker but worried you don't have the space and might not want to commit to using it all the time? The compact Esse Plus 1 provides the ideal solution.

  • Single lower oven 24ltr with a large "target" hotplate
  • Radiant output to room up to 5kW, with optional hot water boiler
  • Stand alone or to partner another Esse cooker

Gas burning range cookers

Esse CAT

The Esse CAT Gas is a range cooker that can be completely tailored to suit your lifestyle. This tireless workhorse of a cooker has a timer that allows you to run it exactly as you want to.

  • Has the potential to be used as a simple on/off appliance or in 'slumber' mode
  • Can go down to an extremely low setting using a negligible amount of energy – but can be back up to cooking temperature in just 15 minutes
  • Catalytic burner 'cleans' the gas as it uses it, so you don't need a flue to vent outside
  • All heat generated is sent to the ovens, hotplate or into the room, rather than lost up the chimney
  • Gas fuelled – natural or propane
  • Top oven 48ltr, bottom oven 32ltr
  • Hotplate for up to six pans

Esse's Ironheart offers timeless appeal and is a favourite of TV's River Cottage. The gas fuelled model has 80 per cent efficiency.

  • From cold, the oven can be up to roasting temperature in an hour
  • Maximum output of 6.7kW and a realistic log fire effect
  • Gas fuelled - natural or propane
  • Oven 47ltr
  • Hotplate for up to 6 pans
  • Single burner control
  • Requires 5" flue
  • Heat output to room up to 7kW
Esse Ironheart Cooker


Oil burning range cookers

Esse OC / O-60 / O-80 / O-106

Esse oil cookers combine years of experience with tried and trusted technology. This means traditional fuel, traditional style and modern performance.

  • Thermostatic oven and water temperature control
  • Can go down to an extremely low temperature to conserve energy but able to reach cooking temperatures very quickly
  • Two capacious ovens
  • Large cast iron hotplate
Esse Oil Cooker