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Firebird Boilers

From its beginnings in 1980 Firebird has become a leading manufacturer of heating products in UK and Ireland the company has now developed a reputation for manufacturing robust, efficient, high quality products designed for longer life and ease of installation.

Condensing oil boilers

  • The condensing heat exchanger is an integral part of the boiler shell
  • Robust design (outdoor models have a heavy duty casing with a polyester-coated finish)
  • Multiple tapping points for ease of installation
  • There are over 60 models available ranging from 12kW to 100kW

The boilers below are compact enough to fit under a standard kitchen worktop, (up to 35kW only)

Enviromax Kitchen - Provides heating from 12kW to 100kW with a patented heat exchanger design with a high quality finish.

Enviromax System – Provides heating from 12kW to 44kW. Has a factory fitted expansion vessel and circulating pump saves space and installation time.

Enviromax Combi – Provides both domestic hot water and central heating in a single appliance (heating 12kW to 35kW). This is also available as a slimline combi at only 520mm wide.

External boilers

Enviromax Heatpac (12kW to 73kW) and Slimline Heatpac at only 465mm wide. (12kW to 35kW) This range does not need to be housed in a building, it has a high quality weather-proof PVC coating and is insulated and fitted with a frost protection stat.

Enviromax Systempac, Combipac (12kW to 44kW) & Slimline Systempac (12kW to 35kW) are external boilers with similar specifications to their equivalent indoor model, with the addition of a built in frost thermostat.

Enviromax Popular - Ideal for installation in a dedicated boiler house, garage or outbuilding. It comes in 8 models in outputs from 12kW to 100kW.

Firebird Boilers