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Firebird Range Cookers

Firebird oil fired range cookers are available with a SEDBUK Band A, highly efficient, condensing boiler. Heat output to the room is equivalent to that of a large double radiator.

They have over 30 years’ experience in the heating industry. The condensing boiler is designed as a single boiler unit with two unique heat exchanger units. The additional surface area, aided by the unique patented baffle design, increases the amount of heat extracted from the combustion process and thus reduces the heat wasted to the atmosphere.

When installing a Firebird oil fired range cooker with a condensing boiler, you will be contributing to the reduction of global warming, as well as making considerable savings on your heating bills (up to 30% per annum in comparison to an oil fired range cooker with a conventional boiler). The oil fired range cooker with condensing boiler has the facility to control central heating and cook separately at the same time. The user friendly digital controller ensures optimum management.

  • Highly efficient on fuel consumption
  • Robust cast iron design
  • Large main oven with even heat distribution
  • Warming oven
  • Heats up to 250° C
  • Cast iron lids ensure excellent heat retention
  • Attractive enamel finish
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • User friendly controller