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Why Buy a Rayburn?

For 65 years the Rayburn has been made by skilled craftsmen at the company's historic foundry in Coalbrookdale, Shropshire.

Nothing's more honest than a Rayburn. Throughout history Rayburn has been inseparable from life in the country.

Beneath the classically beautiful exterior lies a highly efficient combined heating and cooking system that creates mouth-watering dishes, a wonderfully warm home and piping hot water.

With solid fuel and 'A' efficiency rated gas and oil options, the Rayburn is the ideal choice for those who care for the environment.

From the smallest model which is the 200 series that can fuel two or three radiators, to the largest of the 800 series that can heat 30 radiators, there is a boiler to suit any size of home.

Choice of fuel includes wood, solid fuel such as manufactured smokeless fuel (MSF) or peat briquettes, propane gas, natural gas and kerosene oil. Plus there are seven colour options to choose from.

To find out more contact us as a Rayburn Heat Centre and a Rayburn Centre of Excellence using the enquiry form.