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Why not recycle or upcycle your Rayburn by fitting an Electric conversion?

We are excited to be at the forefront of this new development and you might like to give your old Rayburn a new lease of life rather than discarding it!

The Energiser conversion for Rayburns has been created by the original designer of the successful Electrickit conversion for Agas.

It is designed to provide a cooker-only electric option for older Rayburns which may no longer be viable running on gas, oil, or solid fuel. If you have a Rayburn appliance with a boiler – that side of it can be disabled and an independent boiler fitted for your heating and/or hot water.

How it works

  • There are two independent elements fitted – one for the hob, one for the oven.
  • Each element has its own independent control so just the oven or just the hob can be used.
  • Each element has its own thermostat so the temperature for the oven or for the hob is easily set and controlled by the user.
  • The hob warms up quickly, and you can be cooking on it within 10-15 minutes.
  • The top oven will reach roasting temperature (200° C) in approximately 1.5 hours. and oven temperature is not affected by using the hob at the same time.
  • By adding a timer (digital or Wi-Fi) into the electric supply to the Rayburn, you can control the time periods when it is switched on or off; this can reduce potential energy consumption considerably.
  • The extra control makes it easy to maintain or change the level of heat coming into the kitchen from the Rayburn, creating a desirable room temperature.
  • There is no requirement for a flue, nor routine servicing of the appliance.

Power supply

The electrical supply comes from a single 13 amp fused spur.

Note. The conversion must be undertaken by an approved, registered engineer who has attended the relevant training courses as laid down by the Regulations.

At Plumbwell Heating we offer to carry out conversions at very competitive rates and we only use a UK manufactured kit. Please contact us for an estimate.