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Underfloor Heating

  • Everything about underfloor heating is discreet as it has nothing showing above floor level, therefore it leaves you free to utilise the most of your floor and wall space
  • It works by circulating warm water through a series of continuous pipe loops fitted under your floor
  • It produces radiant heat which means it’s more concentrated where you need it most from floor upwards (with no cold spots) unlike radiators which draw cold air across the floor then converting it upwards
  • It's controllable, you can make each room a separate zone if fitted throughout the home or you can fit it in individual rooms. It can be used alone or combined with other heating systems in your home
  • It can be used with most types of floors (screed, floating or timber joist) and floor coverings
  • Although costs to install underfloor heating are generally higher than other forms of heating, its efficiency means that your running costs will be significantly lowered

Below, is a recent installation carried out at Staverton Nurseries, Lewes by Plumbwell Heating.

Underfloor Heating Underfloor Heating