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What We Do During Our Cooker Service

Regular servicing of your appliance helps keep it running more efficiently and therefore more cost effective for you.

Below, is our procedure for servicing oil appliances. Our service procedure for other fuels are carried out in line with the manufacturer and fuel body recommendations.

On our Oil Cooker Service for AGA/Rayburn and Esse, we:

  • Remove, clean and inspect burners
  • Brush and clean heat exchangers
  • Check flue ways and fans
  • Check and replace hot plate and burner head gaskets
  • Check ignition
  • Check burner pressure
  • Inspect for fuel leaks
  • Check electrical controls
  • Check ventilation is adequate
  • Replace fuel filter elements
  • Replace flexi hoses
  • Replace nozzles
  • Check operation of fire valve
  • Check nozzles
  • Carry out a flue gas analysis
  • Provide you with a CD11 commission/safety report

On our Oil Cooker Service for AGA/ Rayburn and Esse, carried out every 6 months, we:

  • Clean and decarbonise burner
  • Inspect shells on burner
  • Renew wicks
  • Check flue ways where applicable
  • Check controls for operation
  • Check oil feed pipe condition
  • Check burner levels and flow rates
  • Check for clean combustion
  • Check if fire valve fitted
  • Provide you with a CD11 commission/safety report